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Blame it on the rain..

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I'm 20, from Oxford, England, studying in Canterbury at the University of Kent. Stumbling gracefully through my little life. This is where I let my creativity flow, mostly writing and thoughts and the occasional picture that I come across and love.
So I want to be a please help me on my way.

    "O, how this spring of love resembleth
    The uncertain glory of an April day,
    Which now shows all the beauty of the sun,
    And by an by a cloud takes all away!"
    Two gentlemen in Verona, William Shakespeare
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    tonight I want to hold you, I will give you my all.
    we will hide under the sheets, dream away yesterday and learn to live again

    tonight I want to kiss you, I will give you my lips.
    we will drown each other in loving blushes and learn to love again.

    — 2 years ago
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    a single perfect ball of crystal clear water slides down my warm flustered cheek. poised at the edge of my distressed face it glimmers and then plunges down on to the clean sheet of pure white paper that lies beneath. the pool of delicate moisture seeps through the fine layer spreading through to the next leaf.

    — 2 years ago
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    Sail away with me

    The sea is endless, the sky so blue and I ask you on this one day Sail away with me.

    The rain is rich and heavy, the water so cold and I ask you on this one afternoon run away with me.

    The road is outstretched before us for boundless miles and I ask you on this one evening Drive away with me.

    The sky so wide and deep above me and I ask you on this one morning Fly away with me.

    Nothing other than freedom and space. Won’t you sail away with me and find out what will happen on that day so blue, that afternoon so wet, that evening so far away and that morning so wide. What will happen is for me and you to find out. Sail away with me

    — 2 years ago
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    On my heart they lay, and on my mind they stay. The footprints you once left, as you walked over the golden brown sands of my life. I feel the ebbing flow of life washing you away, but on my mind you stay, there forever in a tragic bliss you will stay. Hoping for your return, for the marks never to fade. The wounds never to heal, the bruises never to disappear. I hurt for you, but I would rather anguish and pain, than to never feel you on my shores again. Walk all over my life once more, make your mark again. Let the wind catch you off your feet and wisp you back to me. Run once more on the sands of my time, so I can capture with my eyes, what happened once before with you before the wicked times.

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    Walking down the woodland path, thinking random thoughts. You pop into my head. Your vivid image conjures up within my mind. Your heart beat from last nights dreams, echoes in my ear. I want you in that moment, to be right there, touching my neck, whispering sweet words. And yet I need you gone. To be forgotten and erased from my memory. Every time it hurts, it cuts, just that little bit deeper. Every time it grows, it intensifies, goes that little bit further. Move on I say, but I only think of you. The sweet nothings you once said, haunt and sew me to you.

    — 2 years ago
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    You. your eyes, your face. The simplistic beauty rolling through my mind, Hinting, longing. Me. my heart, my mind. The decisions they make, the people they have left behind.

    Digging up, Moving on from my long lost emotion. Now I find it, See it, taste it on my lips. Sweet disposition playing on my mind, A tune ..Tune ..tune…repeating every line.

    — 2 years ago
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    In the early hours.

    sitting, waiting, wishing. Knowing. Knowing that nobody is out there at this time, Time ticking. Sleeping. Sleeping is a gift you don’t have in you eyes. Thinking. Thinking of all the problems laid down before your tired weeping eyes. Stinging. Stinging feeling that what you have done cannot be undone. Self-pitying. Self-pitying and wallowing in your own despair.

    Look in the mirror, what do you see. I see a person starring back at me. You see a broken uninteresting face, but who holds the view that leads you, to a normal place.

    Look in the mirror, what do you see. I see a man standing before me. You see a man but you act like a child, time to move on a suck up your pride.

    Look in the mirror, what do you see. I see a friend broken in front of me. You see a no-one who nobody loves, but I see someone who I know and trust.

    — 2 years ago
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    The Beginning of an End. Part 1

    The tear drops stained the leaf of paper she held below her chin, as she wept like a lonely child, longingly. The haze that hung over the room formed an imaginary cloud of anguish. The cold breeze was seeping through the narrow crack in the puce, peeling window-frame, tickling her neck and chilling her through to the week, brittle, bones that lay beneath her pale exterior. Time was not on her side, as it mockingly skipped passed her, hour by hour, hurrying her along, leaving her behind. She could not escape the pain, but she couldn’t escape the pressure to leave the pain behind her and move on with her sorry life just as she left it before it all happened. One thing she understood was that it would stop hurting, but it would never leave her now.

    — 2 years ago
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    who do you think you are

    I wanted to see what others couldn’t see, To look past the broken immaturity, But I got what I saw coming all along, Torn apart and looking anything but strong. Still you turn around and beg for my love, But you’re something I need to be free of.

    You left a cavity so wide and deep, That filling it up only makes me weep, The memories engraved and left behind, All at once make my heart pump and grind. Please release this beaten, broken heart Allow me break away, make a new start.

    — 3 years ago
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    I think

    I think it’s time to forget you and move on with my life
    I think you have done more harm than good and I can only move away
    I think you are the one I need to have always there to call
    I think you need to feel the feelings you refuse to acknowledge alone
    I think you have to move forward with me or just get left behind
    I think it is time to leap a step forward and forget what we left
    I think this world we live in will only now eat us whole
    I think we have to work this out or leave it for the vultures
    I think this pain is bearable if only you pursued and tried
    I think I know what’s killing us, it’s only a matter of time
    I think I have to many feelings floating inside this mind
    I think you have a knack of ruining all that you have yet to find.
    I think this never ending road is about to hit that wall.
    I think it’s time to find our bearing or run and lose it all.
    I believe this moment in time is all that I have left. And yet I believe in you and me and you believe in death.

    — 3 years ago
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    thud thud, double skip the rhythm that you drive. The pumping of the blood, the blushing red face. boom boom, lift the mood as you live and strive The flowing of emotion, the never slowing pace.

    — 3 years ago
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    It’s been a while. Life is very stressful recently and I had to out everything on hold for a while, exam’s and all that are more important. Had a roller-coaster of emotions this month! But I might start posting some more to de-stress a bit. Will probs involve more writing than pictures which is good and bad but we shall see :) Anyone else stressing at the moment?

    — 3 years ago
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    You remind me of my own bitter

    Hatred of life when

    Love, your love, is held stead fast in

    The flaky sky above with your patience

    And its best friend boredom.

    It’s face reminds me of sweet tender yet harmful

    Feelings which fester

    Deep,low subtle.

    Cracking the world wide open with

    Hurtful words that slice into my

    Soul penetrating to my fiery core

    Releasing my inner disgraces and

    casual lies that will ruin your smile.

    Nothing to last, always dying.

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    __You covered over my lips, and masked all the truth with your deception, your little inception. Taping over my thoughts and stealing my mind with your lies, with those horrid spies. Catching on to my world pulling out that which is hidden within, all manner of sin.

    — 3 years ago
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